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Rommy Rhoades

Fundador y Director Financiero de To Be Legacy.

"A veces no sabemos que estamos viviendo con dolor hasta que alguien viene y te toca con su amor sanador"

- Rommy Rhoades

About Anne


I am a runner, singer, painter, mother, and life coach, among other things.  I spent 17 years coaching young people in long distance running.  The best part of coaching was seeing my athletes realize their strengths and apply the lessons of running to other areas in their lives.

I developed an incredible living relationship with each of my adult children.  They are one of my greatest reasons for To Be Legacy.  I have the greatest fulfillment in my relationship with each of them. They are admirable people who teach me much and are willing to learn from me as well.

I have been married, divorced, and remarried.  I strongly believe everything in life serves me.

I am not just a breast cancer survivor: I am a breast cancer thriver!  I grew threw the incredible experience of cancer treatment, growing deeper levels of worth and esteem that I can now use to help others find in themselves.

There is much wonderment in life and so many ways to connect and love each other.  Music, art, and nature are three of my favorite ways of seeking wonderment.

Confidence, self-confidence, decision-making: To Be Legacy helped me see through the lies I used to tell myself. I have always been here for myself.

I am here to help you see your worth and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem

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