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The Power Within You
In the 8-Weeks To Be Program will you learn:
  • The power of framing emotional significant events 

  • The impact environment plays in your daily life

  • How to leverage the world's most powerful tools to condition your life to where you want it to be 

All programs are not equal, there are many that will take your money just to leave you in the same lurch.

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We Believe

Those who finish our process learn to reliably get the results they are looking for.  They live more full lives as they unleash their limitless potential coming from a sustainable place from within.

8-Weeks To Be Program

Make a Decision, commit to living more fully.

15 Minutes a Day

Life-Changing Results

Takes less than 2 minutes to Enroll

Our team of therapists and coaches consider this program to be the most efficient pathway for positive, lasting change. 

Our unique process helps increase awareness of self-value and remove layers of conditioned behaviors and beliefs that are not serving you.

This will get you back in touch with your true self & power that leads to more happiness & success in all areas of life.


Your life’s vision & purpose can become clear to you as you receive these powerful tools to help you dare dream again and bring those dreams into reality.

 8 Weeks To Be - Be a part of Leading the Next Wave of Human Consciousness.

Many people today are searching for more peace and flow in their lives.

Our simple yet powerful program will help you realize that you are FULLY in the driver's seat of your life and you can begin to rediscover the power inside you to live in alignment with what you truly want!


This step by step program is powerful yet simple. Designed to condition healthy habits, behaviors, and beliefs that empower you to step into your higher potential.


By spending an average of 15 minutes per day on your laptop or phone, watching short videos, and answering important questions, you will uncover your authenticity and wisdom that has always been inside you. 

This program is for everyone who want to grow their awareness and understanding in how to have more happiness and fulfillment in their life. Through our process, we share with you the tools to activate your higher potential and break down any invisible walls keeping you from truly living. 


As you master your own thinking and emotional states you will naturally invite more abundance and success in all areas of your life. 

The To Be Legacy Journey


Enroll in 8-Weeks To Be Program.


Gain the tools to increase your quality of life one day at a time.


Continue with our Living In Excellence community for on-going support.

"When I started To Be Legacy I was on a path of discovery and was thirsting for more knowledge. I had made a lot of progress but was feeling stuck and frustrated.

I felt so encouraged and enlightened during the 8-Weeks To Be, I gained a sense of direction and awareness. I finally realized what I actually wanted, and I wanted to be whole and be a light, and for the first time I learned how to do this for myself so I could be a light for others, especially my family.

I learned that it is “safe to be me” and that I am my own best friend. From this I feel a lot of peace and comfort and my life is completely and amazingly transformed. I see myself clearly now, thanks to To Be Legacy."

-Janie S


Most Popular

Our Life-Changing Program

To Be Legacy 8-Weeks To Be Program Curriculum 

Weeks 1 - 3   Are focused on belief in self and how that manifests in life

Week 1 - Deep dive into The Journey of Growth. Learning the power of vision and how to use this tool to create more success, confidence and intrinsic motivation. Having the courage to make and follow through on proactive decisions. 


Week 2 - Gaining the tools of awareness, understanding internal and external motivation and learning the skills of alignment and redirection and how that can bring desired results in all aspects of life.  

Week 3 - Learn the indicators of state of being including physiology, self talk and focus. How positive and negative energy and stories manifest in the state of being, including physical health.  


Weeks 4 - 6   Uncover your inherent value, true identity and potential


Week 4 - The Duality of Humanity Formula will be explored and you will learn how to operate from the mindset of solution instead of problem. You will gain the skills to effectively and reliably make a change to a solution mindset.  

Week 5 - Rediscovering your infinite value as well as uncovering sabotaging beliefs; making you more effective and reliable in everything you do. You will learn how your current state impacts your beliefs, relationships, health and finances.  

Week 6 - Personal fulfillment, intrinsic motivation and how to proactively engage in more purpose-driven movement with clarity of priority so you can live in more joy, peace and flow. 


 Weeks 7  - 8   Discover how to have lasting happiness and growth

Week 7 - Learn the Three Keys to discovering how to have success. Now that you have the foundation of belief from the previous 6 weeks you can more easily identify aligned strategies to reach your goals. 

 Week 8 - Focus on celebrating how far you have come over the last eight weeks in your personal life, your professional life and in your relationships. Remembering your commitment to a lifetime of positive growth and progress and appreciating the synchronicities of life.

*Once you have completed the 8-Weeks To Be Program, you will have the foundational knowledge to join our Living In Excellence community.

Living in Excellence 

Living in Excellence is the To Be Legacy™ Guided Mastermind Group where we learn at deeper levels while applying and integrating the To Be Legacy mindset, strategies, and formulas into every aspect of our lives with an individualized approach. We tackle life issues around health, relationships, career, finances, and other life realities; creating solutions for the long term. 


Weekly calls, optional “homework”, working with a dedicated coach and group of people committed to personal growth for themselves and others.


Members of Living in Excellence have experienced and expressed improvement in many facets of life. We have found new resources/tools for increasing their monthly income, finding more peace and fulfillment, have improved their marriage and family relationships; all while making lifelong friendships. 


This is a curriculum guide, however, because of the Socratic mastermind style of this high-level group, we use this as a guide only and are flexible to the needs of the people. We may cover a topic for more than one week.


Application of the Journey of Growth, Awareness, State, Duality of Humanity, Essence, Fulfillment, Living in Alignment, Celebration formulas  to the following categories:

Beliefs, Health, Money, Time, Communication, Relationships, “Soft Skills”, Hard Skills, Vision, Fulfillment/Self Actualization. 

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