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Public, Private & Destination Events

Living Your Essence

Ivins UT - May 28-31, 2021 

This is a value-packed 3 1/2 day event that will expand your heart, mind, and spirit to new heights! A highly customized event, built for each individual who attends. Come get back in touch with nature and live from your Essence!


      Create Your Legacy

Kaua’i, Hawaii (Hanalei Bay) - Aug 15-22, 2021


This destination event is for people who want to experience personal transformation and leave a powerful Legacy.

For seven days, in one of the most beautiful locations on earth, you will learn from master teachers, be pampered with personal massages, chiropractic work, energy work, guided breathwork & meditation, delicious & nutritious food and lots of fun & growth.

Keynote Speaking

Hire our Founder, Jonathan Rhoades, or one of our Executive Coaches to be the keynote speaker at your company event. 

We are proficient in the following topics:

  • Creating a strong company culture (team building exercises included).

  • How to be independently happy from any outside sources and how that one thing alone can transform a company's performance.

  • Understanding different personality types and come to see how each individual is a genius in their own unique way.

  • Understand on a deep level that your way of BEING is far more important than focusing on achieving, hustling your way to success, or "faking it till you make it".

Executive Events

Hire our executive team to run your company/organization's event.

Corporate Specialized Events/Keynote speaking.

Increase your bottom line by drastically improving employees' levels of integrity, efficiency, and satisfaction.


We help align your culture with your company’s mission and vision.


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Private Events for
Companies & Organizations

Inspire. Connect. Transform.

Destination Events

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