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Join us for our FUN and TRANSFORMATIVE event

May 28-May 31, 2021. In beautiful Ivins, Utah

Living Your Essence


This is a value-packed 3 1/2 day event that will expand your heart, mind, and spirit to new heights! This is a highly customized event, built for each individual who fills out an intake form after registering. We have hand-selected the following team to facilitate this event and help you get more acquainted with Living Your Essence on a daily basis. 

Meet the Team

Ann Goodspeed

Lover of all things Simple & Holistic. Wife, mother, grandmother. Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes type diabetes for 43+ years. Graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner. A natural connector, and loves sharing what's helped her and what she believes will benefit others for the good.


Dr. Shane Herada

Chiropractor, acupuncturist, entrepreneur, and nutritional coach.  He is the creator of The Harada Method, which  combines the Ancient Oriental Medicinal Arts with western medicine and modern science and technology. He has helped thousands of people get aligned physically, spiritually, energetically & emotionally. 

Angel Naivalu

Former Marriage and Family Therapist turned Life Coach who passionately helps people align with the most authentic version of themselves. "I'm amazed and delighted with what Angel has taught me in just a few visits. I feel I've learned more spiritually from her than all my years of church education.”  - Steve P.

Jonathan Rhoades

The greatest force in eternal nature is to be aligned with who you have always been, and let that dictate the identity you hold of yourself.

Christina Jenkins

My  mission in life is to create opportunities of success, living life to the fullest and helping people live their most fulfilling life. I'm a team builder and culture creator. “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

- Anais Nin

Korby Nield

Stillness and silence have been my biggest teachers. I am passionate about helping others to source their own answers from that same place. Breathwork and meditation are some of the tools I use to achieve this.

Jessica Jenkins

She has spent several years perfecting her skills as a chef and baker. She not only creates delicious culinary delights, but also speacializes in presentation and food photography. 

Jessica Jenkins.jpg

What you can expect from this event

  • World-class coaching & mentoring

  • Experience deep inner work

  • Personal attention to your specific needs

  • Daily meditation/breathwork

  • A greater understanding of how to live from your Essence more frequently

  • Gain clarity around your life's purpose

  • A beautiful hike in Snow Canyon State Park

  • Relax and socialize by the pool, hot tub, laying out in the sun

  • Connect deeply with others and create new friendships

  • Personal time for journaling, integrating & processing

  • Healthy meals/snacks/drinks





*We will ask for specific food needs in your intake form.


Regular price

Living In Excellence member  

Guest not sleeping at the house                & not joining us for dinner






  • A $250 Non-refundable deposit is required by April 1st to reserve your spot.

     *Remainder amount is due by April 22

Email saying: "I would like to reserve my spot for the retreat" and she will send you a payment link to reserve your spot with $250 down.

We are looking forward to connecting with you at the retreat!
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