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Janie Marks 

"Sunshine", aka The Self-Love Doctor

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

Be YOU. Love YOU.

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Self-love is one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves. When one learns to love themselves, it is as if they are coming home...Coming home to themselves.

I want to be a light in the dark. My mission on this beautiful Earth is to help others to see themselves in an accurate light of kindness and compassion and to discover their own unique and brilliant light that is within them and has always been in them... their essence.

My mission is to welcome you home... welcome you home to YOU.

Personal Life

As a recovering codependent, I had spent many, many years in codependency and shame. I understand thoughts and feelings of feeling like I had to be perfect to be loved and accepted. I understand feelings of hopelessness, shame, desperation, loneliness and even feeling misunderstood. Some of my life experiences have been dealing with over a decade of infertility ending in a total and complete hysterectomy.Failed adoptions. I have experienced marital problems, lack of boundaries and enmeshment. My son is adopted and has ADHD and high-functioning autism.

Through practicing what is taught within the 8-Weeks To Be program, REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) and other methods, I have, through dedication, intentionality and grace, discovered what it looks like to love and approve of myself.  I am forever grateful for the tools I have learned and I am very passionate about teaching these tools to others! 

Clients I usually work with

I am currently working with individuals who want to increase their levels of self worth, self-esteem & self love, so they can have greater connection with their loved ones, live a more enriching life, and feel more connected to their dreams and passions.


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