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Jonathan Rhoades

Founder & CEO of To Be Legacy  -

Executive Coach & Creator of the "8 Weeks To Be Program"

"The greatest force in eternal nature is to be aligned with who you have always been, and let that dictate the identity you hold of yourself."

-Jonathan Rhoades

About Jonathan

Anyone who knows Jonathan will tell you He lives life to the beat of his own drum.


He is continually enriching every environment with Purpose and Fulfillment, creating opportunities and connections for all those around him to have greater success in every area of their lives, financial, emotional, health, energy, focus, well-being, and relationships.


Having been a Motivational Speaker and Certified Business Coach his words and influence have reached great audiences all around the world. 


Jonathan has vast experience in coaching High-Level Executives, bringing them and their teams, to the next level of Efficiency and Cultural Alignment.


He has created many successful companies in many industries, including Personal Development, Food, Nutrition, Healthy Aging, and Retail spaces.


Jonathan was personally mentored by and worked alongside some of the greatest minds and influential people of our day.

"I personally feel every person on this planet carries great value and worth and I feel called to be that mirror of their greatness to all of those willing to take the courageous step to see what is inside of themself." -Jonathan Rhoades.





"Jonathan has an amazing amount of love and intuition, he helped me to see things in myself that I didn’t know how to even articulate, but he could, and that helps me to recognize what I need to do. Within just a few week's time, I started seeing phenomenal results in areas I have been working on for 20 years. I encourage anyone thinking about it, to work with Jonathan, no matter what level you are at, he will help you achieve your next level of development."

-Selena S. - Elko, NV

"I have worked with Jonathan Rhoades and Sherry Clarke over several years to tackle relationship issues and develop business growth strategies.  When introduced to their personal development program, I decided it was something my whole team could benefit from. Several of my executive team participated in the daily conditioning program including weekly coaching calls. It has produced a long-lasting benefit to my company.  We continue to work with Jonathan in an executive coaching role as our company expands & moves to a larger facility. His advice and guidance provide us with the tools to navigate the various challenges inherent in the growth process. I highly recommend you enroll in To Be Legacy’s program."

-Charles Popenoe, CEO, Industrial Indicators, Frederick, MD

"When I met Jonathan I was just a shell of the person I am today.  That's not to say that my life was miserable before, but he taught me to unlock the potential within myself.  Jonathan's teachings are a priceless addition to anyone's life and I can't recommend him enough as a friend and a mentor."

-Ryan L. - Elhart, IN

"Jonathan is so special and a wonderful human, I don’t have so many people in my life that actually care about me and go out of their way to help me as much as Jonathan has. He mentors me and cares about my life and my family. As far as a Mentor I think he goes above and beyond with all the things that he taught me, all these mindset principles. He teaches in such a good way that I feel like I can go and share them with other people and I think that is the Goal, to bless other people."

-Donna P. - Denver, CO

"When I first began working with Jonathan, my business was new and I was feeling a bit nervous.  Right away he could see that my belief level in my offerings was high, but my belief level in myself needed fortifying.  He was encouraging and insightful as he guided me to dig deep and find greater confidence in my abilities and my true potential."

-Laura W. - Austin, TX

"We brought To Be Legacy’s innovative development program to my Dynex team last spring. The combination of daily independent work and weekly coaching was extremely effective in bringing about the changes I sought. It has been truly rewarding to see the lasting shifts in habits, awareness, and mindsets. My team is more cohesive, trusting, and effective. We continue to build on the benefit from the insights and guidance we received, many months after we completed the program. Jonathan and Sherry showed professionalism, discretion, and had an incredibly positive attitude and non-judgmental approach. This provided a safe backdrop for all of us to grow personally and professionally."

-Smriti Popenoe, EVP, Co-CIO, Dynex Capital, Richmond, VA

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