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José Eduardo Muñoz

VP of Business Development Latinoamerica


Wanting is power, but if I also do it educated and with knowledge, that strength and conviction make my path safer and perhaps shorter, not necessarily successful but maybe if happy, success and happiness are not synonymous.


Hello! I am José Eduardo Muñoz, I have always been dedicated to collaborating, developing, undertaking and innovating in the energy sector, training processes, entrepreneurship and well-being, trying to be a real contribution in the social mobility that citizens demand. I experience entrepreneurship and business generation as a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life of the people and organizations with whom I am fortunate to cooperate.

Personal Life

Until the moment that I had the opportunity to make myself, I lived under the limits and social and economic possibilities that my parents were able to give me, their greatest legacy was that I received the basic studies that they did not have and that I walked along the right path And well done, that was enough to break the condition of scarce resources and basic needs that we had, from there, I began a journey that today has me doomed to be a verb and to benefit others with the certain possibility that it is possible to break the economic, social and cultural satus quo.

Some years ago, the disease knocked on our doors, it brought a message that said "it is important to understand what we are on this earth for and what is truly important", from there, resilience, empathy, kindness and gratitude are part of my clothing.

Clients I usually work with

It motivates me to collaborate with people and institutions that seek to transform their social and economic culture, creating opportunities to live consciously based on a greater and better understanding of who we are as individuals and collectively.



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José Eduardo was the first partner I visited in my capacity as Manager of AIE. I was struck by his great passion for his work and his ability to see a great deal of detail in a few minutes. After this meeting, I had the opportunity to work for many months on different projects with José, I highlight his ability to lead work teams, his leadership and his commitment in each of the tasks in which he is involved. José Eduardo, is a Manager and an all-terrain team leader, capable of leading any project with a high probability of success.

-Flavio Daniel Bergozza, MBA-Business Development Professional.

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