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Rommy  Rhoades 

Founder & acting CFO of To Be Legacy.

"Sometimes we don't know that we are living in pain until someone come and touch you with their healing love"

-Rommy Rhoades

About Rommy


"Life is beautiful! Once I began to see the magnificence in myself and everyone around me, I saw how magical life is. What amazing creators we are!

I have the opportunity to spread this message with as many people as I can and then take off the social masks that we think will protect us from pain. The truth is that it is causing more pain and complicates our life, creating distance and loneliness which is the root cause of many of the tragedies we see in the world today. I simply want to love people, I know that what we put out in the world comes back to us.


I love to create art and make everything that I touch prettier, especially if I can touch a heart and help create a smile, that is happiness to me." -Rommy Rhoades.


Rommy is from Chile, she speaks Spanish and English Fluently, she is a Commercial Engineer with a bachelor in International Freight Forwarder, and she had received Personal Growth and Financial training for the last 15 years living in the United States, she is always enriching every environment with Purpose, Fulfillment, and Love. 


She is an artist, with several of her pieces in Galleries.  She loves to work with Crystal art, and innovative art designs, because of her work with it, she is very familiar with the knowledge around Crystals frequency and she uses it with great intuition and guidance.

She is very authentic and genuine, and she easily inspired others to do the same.

"It is so great to see, that after many years of training and growth, I discover that I love a lot of the same thing, but now I love them for the Right Reason". -R.R.

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