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Dr. Shane Harada

TBL Certified Coach

Heal your past - Live in the present - Create your ideal future

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"   -Dr. Wayne Dyer


I am a Holistic Chiropractic Physician who has been working with mind, body and spirit connections for over 20 years.  This journey began as a young boy with a mother who taught the uses and benefits of herbs and natural healing. 

During chiropractic school, I continued studying clinical nutrition along with Eastern Medicine – Acupuncture, chinese herbs, philosophy, etc.  Within the first 5 years of practice, my expertise expanded into weight management.  Ultimately, I developed a private label line of nutritional formulations and homeopathic remedies.  These products and experiences have touched tens of thousands of people’s lives. 

Personal Life

I am the founder of The Harada Method, which is founded on the universal law that states, “Everything is created spiritually first and physically second”.  It connects and combines spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.  It does this through application of the Ancient Oriental Medicinal Arts with Western Medicine and Modern Science and Technology. 

Clients I usually work with

I am now focusing on and working with clients through one-on-one coaching and online courses surrounding addictions, in particular pornography and prescription drug abuse.  My approach on addiction is vastly different than most therapists and religious leaders you may have heard council from before. The first step is removing the guilt and shame towards self. I have a special gift of being non-judgmental and coming only from a place of love and service. 

It is such an honor and satisfaction to teach people how to step into the magnificent BEING that they truly are – spiritual first and physical second. 

Are you ready to allow me to help you? If you are ready to grow into a healthier and more balanced YOU, then let's connect!  

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