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Sherry ClarkeMA, LCMFT

CNO / To Be Legacy Certified Coach



With over 26 years of professional experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, ADHD Relationship Coach, and as a mother and grandmother, Sherry Clarke passionately values the human experience.


Her professional services yield positive results because she sincerely cares about people and their overall well-being and actively promotes the growing and learning


Sherry is an expert in teaching how to create healthy relationships (marital and premarital) and techniques for healthy communication. She makes people feel hopeful and that positive change in their lives is possible.

She is gifted at presenting creative and content-rich workshops. She is a sought-after workshop facilitator at Regional Singles and Marriage conferences; has spoken at
International ADHD conferences; has presented at many Women Parenting Conferences; been panelist and keynote speaker at county-wide Senior Centers.


She is often asked back for repeat presentations and has 40+ years’ experience as a public speaker and seminar facilitator at the local, regional, and national level for many communities, civic, and educational organizations on a variety of topics.

Her Conscious Dating workshop participants and marriage therapy clients say: "Sherry’s humor, compassion, and hopeful dialogue make for an exciting experience... She is an amazing cheerleader... as we explore ways to live a happier and healthier life... Well worth the time and money, if you are serious about being in a
successful relationship... Gained self-confidence...Learned how 
to be really ready to date - my eyes are open... Fun to meet other singles wanting to be more conscious in their dating... Highly recommend for others to come and learn...It’s dating insurance for


In recent years, Sherry has also collaborated with Jonathan Rhoades, To Be Legacy Global, founder, and CEO, to bring experiential seminars to workplaces and universities. Together they assist businesses and colleges in aligning culture with their vision and goals and helping foster better work/study environments.

Now Sherry is excited about their latest venture— (an online and group coaching personal development program)– bringing positive change to individuals across the world.

CEO’s and executives find Sherry’s insights and experience with people from all walks of life invaluable. They state her professionalism, discretion, positive attitude, and non-judgmental approach help guide them through their unique challenges to
more success in a variety of settings.


She has trained with David Steele, founder of Relationship Coaching Institute and author of Conscious Dating book and workshops; David Giwerc, founder of ADD Coach Academy; Harville Hendrix, author of Getting the Love You Want and
founder of Imago Therapy and frequent guest on Oprah show; Hedy Schleifer, internationally acclaimed speaker, and relationship guru with associates of Virginia Satir, family therapy pioneer.





Personal Life


Sherry has met major life transitions with resilience and strength. She went back to graduate school at the age of fifty - when her youngest daughter was in high school. She persevered through five years of grad school, internships, and supervision to complete the requirements for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and

has been licensed in Maryland, Georgia, and Utah.


Having gone through two traumatic divorces, started a therapy/coaching practice in four states, been active in her faith community, participated in civic activities, overcome health-related issues, and manages the role of sole matriarch of her growing family - numbering 25 at this time.

She is an excellent role model for thriving through adversity and creating balance in one's life. She is one that others want to emulate and learn from.

What makes her unique and different from other coaches is that she is both a Licensed Therapist and a Certified Coach - combining both of these philosophies in her work. She has been doing this for almost three decades, therefore, is seasoned in
what works and what really benefits people’s healing and growth.


Contact info ( you can set it up how you did)

Sherry Clarke, MA, LCMFT, ACG
301-956-0900 (call or text)


Available by Zoom, Facetime, phone, or in-person (Southern


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