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Angel Naivalu



Aloha - 


My name is Angel Lyn, MSW, Soul Mentor.


I am currently in Hawaii finishing up my new book,

“Soul-u-lar Evolution: a Mormon Woman’s Transcendent Journey to LOVE.”


The book chronicles my shocking personal awakening as I discovered my own “Pharisaical” ego identity (meaning “like unto the Pharisees” of the Bible).


After identifying that my religious ego had been running my life, resulting in adrenal fatigue, Hashimotos, chronically elevated cortisol levels and being pre-diabetic, I began to shed the fear, guilt, shame and judgment that were the sources of motivation for most things in my life.


I was reacquainted with my soul, my spirit, my essence, and I discovered it is perfect, whole, enough, lovable and worthy right now and that I had nothing to prove!  


I stopped building my modern-day “Tower of Babel,” (ie ended my addiction to doing and busyness with an endless “to-do” list), and began to JUST BE - as a child - happy and free and unconditionally loving towards myself and others. 

I formed a direct relationship with God and an ability to communicate clearly, and to trust myself to receive truth and trust the Divine Source of Truth.  My former desire to become “Christlike,” while always feeling I was lacking, has been replaced with the clarity of how easy it is to be, “like/as Christ.”  


I LOVE sharing the simple, yet profoundly impactful concepts that transformed my life and personality.  


These principles alter one’s limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, consistently resulting in an enhanced mood, improved self-worth, more connected relationships, and overall feelings of peace and joy!


Clients I usually work with

Specialties Include:

  • Conscious relationships and parenting

  • Exploring spirituality

  • Releasing limiting beliefs 

  • Overcoming stress, fatigue & overwhelm 

  • Personal development coaching

“If you want to create massive change for yourself (instead of just spending hours and years talking and talking through the same old junk) then make an appointment with Angel ASAP!”    -  Katie V.


“The mentoring experience I had with Angel Naivalu, was light years ahead of the 'traditional counseling' experiences I have had.”   - Becky P.


“Angel has given me hope and understanding I have never received before. I would recommend her for counseling and her parenting class to everyone!”  - Ashla C.


“I'm amazed and delighted with what Angel has taught me in just a few visits. I feel I've learned more spiritually from her than all my years of church education.”  - Steve P.


Amanda Mortenson


I was part of Angel’s Women’s Group. It was amazing and very transformative for me. It sent me on a journey to reconnect with my body in healthy ways and appreciate it for the incredible gift that it is. She taught me tools in how to trust my intuition and to pay attention to what I am really feeling and how to get to the root belief that is bringing up those emotions or feelings. It’s a class I would definitely attend again and recommend to everyone!


Stacy Peterson


I recently got to participate in Angel’s virtual women’s group. I was quite hesitant and not sure how I felt about it. In the end I absolutely loved it. It was so helpful to hear from others and know that others are struggling with very similar things that I am. Receiving that validation helped tremendously.

Angel is an absolute heaven send. She has a true gift and has given me the tools to help me take huge steps forward after being stuck for years. I am forever grateful to have found and worked with Angel.


Rachel Skousen


Angel's Women's Group has been LIFE CHANGING for me! My heart has been blown open! In learning to love myself, I've been able to live in closer harmony with my highest self and improve my relationship with my husband, my kids, and everyone else in my life! I feel so empowered to address emotions as they come up and allow them to be my teachers. Angel is wise and compassionate and works with the goal of tapping you into your own inner wisdom so you're not dependent on others to know how to work your way through life's challenges. I feel more alive and joyful than I have in decades. Every minute and dollar spent on this group was 100% worth it!


cori cannon


I attended Angels Women’s Group this last October. I found great power in the tools and information I learned. I would recommend this group for any woman that just wants to feel loved by herself and those around her.


Bonnie Reynolds


I have been so privileged to be a part of Angel's women's group.  It has opened my eyes and heart in ways that have been life changing in helping me manage feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, fear and not being enough.  Not only was I able to learn from my own experiences but also through the experiences of the other women in the group as well.  I have had other counseling experiences but this has been truly helpful in my understanding of myself and what it means to love myself and others.  It takes personal work to integrate the principles Angel shares and models but it is so worth the time and effort.  This learning has been invaluable to me.


Katie Cluff


I was a part of Angel’s zoom class for women. The thing I love is that she never tells you what to do about a specific situation. She gives you tools, and mentors you through it. I learned how to trust myself, and my innate ability and ‘knowing’. In the process, I learned great compassion for others I had previously (unknowingly) judged. I learned about my own projections and how they clouded my vision of what was actually happening. She uses real life situations that we all present to teach how to work through them.

It’s really unlike anything I’ve experienced. I think everybody could benefit from learning these tools!


Harmony Williams


Angels women's group coaching was amazing!   Class is the highlight of my week!

I really feel like Angel is so aligned and in tune and able to see truths so clearly.  She has a gift!!

Each week class grounded me.  It lifted me.

It inspired me.  It helped me find myself.  And love myself on deeper and deeper  levels.  It helped my relationship, my spouse, my kids, my business.

I got deep answers to my specific needs and also learned so much from the other women and the processing Angel did with them.

Thank you, thank you!

I recommend to all my friends.


Cory Elvidge


Angel’s parenting class is so transformational. It’s unlike any parenting class you’ve ever taken. You’re not going to get a set of discipline techniques or list of boundaries to set. She dives deep into exposing the root causes of why we show up for ourselves, our children, our families, and our world in ways that cause conflict and turmoil and shows you how to live and parent from of a place of greater peace, awareness, authenticity, and love. She teaches from a place of ease, wisdom and compassion and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves, get in the muck with everyone and be transparent and honest about the dark parts of her own journey and how inner work allows u to fill those experiences with light. Everyone could hugely benefit from this class. Whether you are a parent or not. Gratitude  



Aurora Serrano


I had the privilege of having a group with Angel Naivalu. I love how I can change my perspective, how she challenges me because with those challenges come growth.  Thank you Angel for new perspective, for the love I feel for me.  Because I can love myself through challenges and learn from them with love and always in curiosity.


Ginny Hartman


I'm no stranger to therapy, but my sessions with Angel Naivalu have transformed my life in a way that no previous counseling has ever done. I truly look forward to each session...they far exceed my expectations and hopes of gaining awareness and unlocking tools that help me tap into my divine power. It's amazing the changes I'm seeing in my life and relationships even after a short time. Angel is gifted at explaining things in ways that make sense and giving advice and counsel that causes you to look deep inside to find the root cause of your suffering. Everything she teaches is rooted in love and I find myself feeling it in greater abundance thanks to her coaching. It's the best gift I've ever given myself.


Crystal McGary


Angel’s parenting class was very helpful and a completely different approach to parenting than any other method I have come across.  She is very inspiring and helps you see your challenges from a whole new direction.  I hope many others find their way to using her approach and I can’t wait till she finishes her book.  My golden nugget that I will treasure is how “shoulding” takes away agency.  Go talk to her or read her book to find out how.

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